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Nila is a freelance illustrator. She studied illustration and graphic design at Central Saint Martins College of Art. She now lives and works in Brighton.

Tuesday 31 May 2011

sun, sand and stress

This was a great commission from the Caribbean Airline - Liat who wanted an illustration for a double page spread and part of a single page. It's was an article about howWestern Capitalism is taking over the usually relaxed nature of the Carribean lifestyle, and making people much more materialistically competitive and generally unhappier. 
It was great fun working with such great colours in a miserable gloomy week in UK. It just made me want to pack my suitcase and go.

Monday 30 May 2011

dinosaur invites from the Note Studio

I have been working in collaboration with the wonderful and talented Andrea Stark from the Note Studio on a new range of personalised stationary. A small selection is currently available at but she will be launching her own website very soon with much more exciting goodies on offer. This is part of the dinosaur party range.

camping- British Airways style

Recent job from British Airways Highlife Shop Magazine. What to take with you for all those summer festivals. Girly camping on one side and macho stuff on the right.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Charles Clark Diet

This one was for You magazine to illustrate an article about Charles Clark's low carb diet. It's similar to the Atkin's diet but less extreme and therefore easier to follow. He claims it's less of a diet than a lifestyle change. I've read the book myself and changed my eating habits too. 
This is what you can eat for breakfast. Looks good to me.

Monday 7 February 2011

IdN Magazine

I was featured in the recent issue of IdN Magazine which happens to be their 100th issue! I had a great double page spread with some of my illustrations. Many thanks to Jason and Alva.

Friday 4 February 2011

British Airways

I recently did a great fun job for "High Life" the British Airways magazine. It was a double page spread and had to incorporate different music tribes in each of the separate windows of a hotel. My favourite is the laid back jazz listener in the top left window. They also had to show a product in each window which was on sale on the BA flight.
below are a few of the products I also drew in more detail

Tuesday 11 January 2011


I'm not  very good at this blogging business. I've been very slow at updating any news for the past 6 months and the irony is I have been so busy that I haven't had time to post any news. Please forgive me. 

Well the shift in pace seemed to start around July to August with a great exciting job for Target in the US. It was for a sale campaign for billboards, print ads and in-store advertising in the form of an animation. The main character had to be a woman who was undecided of age or color pushing a "Target" trolley with all the brands which were to take part in the big bulk sale.

I had to illustrate all the packaging too in my own style. 

The first stage was to get the girl right. They had a definite "Target" customer so didn't want to alienate any of their consumers.

This is what we settled on. She had to be then drawn in 4 different views so she could be animated walking along and towards you.

Then the products were rendered and had to be passed by the different companies for their final approval which too a fair bit of time to-ing and fro-ing. These are what we ended up with....

put it all together with a bit of help for the wonderful design team and hey presto......